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[26 Sep 2007|12:22pm]
I used to write in this journal like everyday. now it just here, i suppose. i think that as i get older, the more of this is harder for me to write, because i have these feelings and it as if i dont need to write them down to remember them, i can just see and feel them from memery.

I feel as so many people have changed, me as well, and as i know that's life. I'm Heather, crazy, i guess, i live life by a whim, because i hate plans. i have a hand full of friends i trust with my life, i feel--know me and zack are doing soo wonderful. i know that i'd follow him anywhere now, and if he gets signed, i seriously would put school on hold and go with him. that's how serious i am. i know we'll live togehter, and well life will be great. no im not one who wants marriage now, so dont even ask me. i dont need materistic stuff like a ring to know im happy.

maybe a tattoo in naer future, me and zack are gonna go together and get tattooed together for the first time <3 talk about every lasting memories and love <3

yeah...im done for now. maybe more later <3
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im not dead!! much needed update!! [09 Aug 2007|11:41pm]
Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for like this whole summer. This summer is going great with of course the usual bumps in the road.

I work at EB Games/Game Stop in Plainfield. Working at a video game store is pretty cool. The pay is lousy but my manager is nice and I like it there. Im the video game goddess! Lol! Or so says Zack hehe!

Ive spent a lot of time with Zack. It’s been great! Every day I just grow closer and closer to him. It’s harder and harder to go back to school. Which brings me to another matter I only found out 3 weeks ago.

Well a few Sunday’s ago me and Zack went to kings island, for those who don’t know it’s a theme park in Ohio. Well it’s was such a good time so much fun. Well before we left my mom was paying my bill for school and well housing wasn’t showing up. I started to get upset, I mean…school is in a month. So we couldn’t call anyways so I was like fuck it im having a good day today and not worrying. Which I had a blast with Zack. Defiantly tons of fun!!

So got back uber late, went to bed. Wake up next morning, my mom is still looking for housing. Well finally she calls housing at IU. After several different connections, they say I did not sign up for the room and currently am not housed on campus. I start freaking out. The woman suggests a paper housing and says she can’t guarantees a single in my previous building. Then she says that since I am not graduating I would have had to pay an entire year for the dorm. So me and my mom and dad decided that the best and cheapest way would for me to live at home and commute. I still am a little freaked by this. Just because I haven’t lived at home during school since high school. Though I’m happy about being here with Zack, and being able to keep my job.

So that’s my summer so far. To tell you the truth I’m exhausted. Maybe that’s why ive been keeping a low key profile. I miss you all, but sometimes just escaping and being left alone is nice. Not really left alone, more like, just living in the moment and not thinking all that much. But since I am living home I just got high speed here at home!! Thank god!!! So yeah. Well that’s a good enough update I believe. Love you all!!
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[03 Apr 2007|09:18pm]
long time no post! lol. yeah, i've been soo busy, it's ridiculious, and i'm getting even busier actually!!! :(

Lets see, I've had good weekends. last weekend, went out with jessie and her friends for Ladie's night. that was fun! then Zack came sunday and stayed the night. He bought me Happy Feet as a gift!!! I have the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER! lol!

Easter this weekend. going home. havent been in a few weeks. Been working out. Just really busy. which sucks, but only a month left. gorgeous weather, now it's back cold again :( boooo!

okay. i need to get back to work. ugh. tons of stuff to do so little time. maybe a better update *sometime* lol <3 byes i love you all!!
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random things i'd like to share... [01 Mar 2007|11:35pm]
Avril Lavigne new song "girlfriend", in her video, she totally rips my look off! LOOK!

Avril is so being me! lolCollapse )

I love the animaniacs CD! lol. the song about the car trip is my life story of all my family trips to florida! i kid you not! i love the cd, i really do!!

one week till spring break. not doing anything, but i plan on hanging with my mom and zack. ^_^ that should be fun

okay. night loves!! off to watch Bam's unholy union. LOL!
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[27 Feb 2007|10:44pm]
-zack came saturday night
-we got very drunk...or wait...maybe i was jsut the really drunk one...either way...jerger is <3
-mad mushroom cheesey bread is the best drunk food on the face of the earth!!
-giving the pizza man like 2 dollars in change XD
-seeing welsch corgie puppies at the mall!! i want Froppy!!
-ducttape on my phone to hold it together...i drew a bleeding heart...it's an emo phone now...mwahhaa
-and other stuff i shouldn't say but will say it makes me smile =D


i'm way tired...but not sleepy. wtf.

hanson cd...i like. even though it's not due out till may...i like it ^_^
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[22 Jan 2007|07:28pm]

that's me alrighty....with my nose pierced. i love it. zack took me on friday. i love that boy. he took care of me and got me medicine for it. we love piercings. lol. i love him. he loves me. we both like blue rasberry punch with island blue pucker and vodka in it.
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[07 Jan 2007|09:40pm]
Is anyone else sad to have break over and already be back at school? I know i am...i had such a fun time.

I probably wont be online nearly as much. I have a lot to do this semester...more important than wasting time here, or online. i'll try to read and comment and write, but i fear it'll be in short supply

turn 21 in 8 days...woot!
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[28 Dec 2006|09:36pm]
not dead...jus having way to much fun to be online. xmas good. having a blast with Zack, fam and friends. Saturday off to Cincinnatti with Zack for his show. im excited. i need to escape my house...it's driving me insane!

love and hugs to all. hope your holiday season is going well. be careful new years! *hug* 2006 was a good year ^_^
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[06 Dec 2006|03:23pm]
What do you get when you mix:
1 jack and coke
1 armareto sour
1 no dinner Heather
1 PlagueSayer show

You get me drunk really fast with a huge bump on my forehead for headbanging the monitor last night. I had fun though. I have the Hottest boyfriend. I love him soooooo much. Everyone loved my hair. Oh, cut and dyed my hair again. finals are approaching fast. zack's coming friday night. my head hurts a lot.

better update when i have time maybe?

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is it december 15th yet??? [30 Nov 2006|01:02am]
16 days left of this semester. 16 long days, or maybe they will fly by? i don't know which is worst. i'm scared about finals. econ,math, and polysci on monday, comm law tuesday, and communications and culture on friday. ugh...lame ass scedule!!

I wanted zack to come visit this weekend, but he has so much work...i feel bad for him. i wish i could help him out. I love him so much, and i understand going back to school is hard. I just want the best for him. I really think it's the school he's going to. I know he'd love it here, and living on campus is much better experience then comunting. oh well, i'm sure i'll talk about it with him more after semester is done.

my body aches. =( probably from stress and not sleeping well. blah! guh...break...i slept soo gooooood!! plus, naps are killing me. and it's too late to take a sleeping pill.

guh...i want to beat Final Fantasy X...im sooo damn close!! it's pissing me off, i keep dying! maybe i'll go play that till i get pissed off and throw my control and sleep. lol. goodnight
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[28 Nov 2006|03:27pm]
I feel way drained. I had terrible nightmares last night. I hate that. I dont even think my dreams had people I knew, I think it had Kate from Lost in it! lol....go fig.

Meeting in an hour with my group for our project that's due thursday. Ugh. i hate group projects.

I have no motivation to do anything it seems. I always get like this. I just want to have fun, and i hate finals. They just dampen everything.

I cant wait for break. I cant wait to spend time with zack, and my friends. I had such a fun weekend with him. This year is much bettet than last year. ugh,...remember my hell paper. yuck. that sucked. and i didnt even have to take it really....oi va!

bring on the weekend!!!
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[27 Nov 2006|09:56pm]
Please let me survive till the weekend. i feel so like im about to break >_< i have about a hundred other things i could do, but noooo.....i fucking hate school. acvtually i hate when i have a group project due on thursday and my group is meeting on tuesday....grrrrr.....i just want to go to sleep till i can wake up and not stress out...haha...wait...that not gonna happen till 3 weeks....oh joy.
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Go ahead ask me anything!!! [21 Nov 2006|01:27pm]
online journals are little filters that we each see every one else's lives through, the parts others choose to share with us. that said, we all think we are close, but really we seldom know *a lot* about each other. so i want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. ask away. then post this in your lj and find out what people don't know about you.
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wow...my boyfriend is a musical genius! [12 Nov 2006|09:57pm]
So, for PlagueSayer, Zack writes his own lyrics for all the songs. well, i've read his old lyrics, and they are good. well here's one of the songs he wrote lyrics too. I am amazed how just poetic and amazing they are! Read!

Rise and Fall of Sadism

I Lay to rest my bones
In the shadow of my tombstone
Among the men I've died for
And everything i've lived for
So as the wicked take
Their vagrant thoughts are erased
And as the heroes die
Every coward thrives

Bred by a bastard, son of a bitch
Born in a casket, Diseased and sick
His childhood blurred by blood and gore
Entire life thirsting for more

Death will show us everything
Take me underneath your dark wings

Take me under your wing
Take me under your wing

The rise and fall of sadism
The rise and fall of sadism

The burial plot is only four feet deep,
Two feet short of any dignity
The burial plot is only four feet deep,
Two feet short of any dignity

The burial plot
The burial plot
My burial plot
This burial plot

The time is now
Cast down, cast out
The time is now
Rise up, fall down
The time is now
My instinct overcomes and overtake me
Overtakes me
Overtakes me
This is the end
Overtakes me
This is the end
Overtakes me

Embrace the end.

and the song you can download at http://www.myspace.com/plaguesayer
if you dont already have it!
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mmmm...braiiinnnsss!!! [29 Oct 2006|12:50am]

are we not the cutest things ever! i love my zombie boyfriend!!
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zombie boy!! [03 Oct 2006|06:44pm]

Cutest zombie child...ever!!!
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Life fucking is goood!! [19 Aug 2006|11:52pm]
I love my life! i'm sooo happy, i'm not a bit sad. i know this year will be amazing, probably the best one yet! rocked to PlagueSayer tonight with Jess, we were PlaguesayerGroupies! they all loved it, i love zack, i love his band, i love my friends, life is goood!!! moving to btown on wednesday, i'm not even worried b/c i know i will see zack, basically whenever i want, he waited for me for 9 months, i waited foe him, i feel good. i can honestly say that i am loving life more and more. <333
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[01 May 2006|01:17am]
i was bored on saturday, so i zombified myself!! LOOK!!

yeah we're the living dead...Collapse )
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RANT!!! [20 Mar 2006|08:49am]
[ mood | angry ]

3-8" of fucking snow expected tommorow!!! FUCK!!!! i hate fuckign snow, i hate fucking Muncie, I hate fucking Indiana, I hate the weather right now!!! GRRRRR!!!! If it does snow, i hope it melts fast!!! GRRR....it's spring!!! NO MORE SNOW!!! Warm weather!!! Grrrr!!! can you tell i'm a little mad now...grrrr....fucking weather >

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i'm caught between myself and me and can't find the bridge from my mind to reality [13 Mar 2006|12:18pm]
I swear this is the last place i want to be now, i kid you not! after an amazing break...last night driving back at 2am i wanted to cry....i just wanted to cry. 8 weeks, 55 days, take your pick...that's how long i'm here. that's still defintly too long. i miss zack, i miss my friends...all week the longest i've been without seeing zack was like 2 days :( I didn't want to leave last night....he didnt want me to leave either.

okay...on a good note...i am rooming with kat next year...in a suite in wilkie at IU!!! yay!! it's warm, yet rainy :( and i am taking a nap...i got like 3 hours of sleep...hey, i'm not complaining...i'd gone with no sleep, yet i am tired. I love that boy. i think everyone can see it, and the same goes with him. isn't life funny...how last year at this time, i was in a dark hole trying to crawl my way out, lost, confused and scared. I remember calling myself in limbo. I defintly was stuck in a limbo. Now i know exactly where i belong, who i belong with, and life is good. certain people hurt me, and i am glad they are gone. i finally have some one who will chase my fears away, kiss my tears away, and love me for who i am, nothing more, nothing less. I can truely say, i have never been more fullfilled, more happy in my life. I love LOVE!!!
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